Nova Abma and Lea Meulenkamp

Seria has got two new Dutch students who will have their apprenticeship with Seria for 5 months. Nova Abma and Lea Meulenkamp started on February 10, 2020.

Nova and Lea look forward to gain design experience combined with skiing and mountain tours in Norway

They both complete a four-year vocational education at Cibap Vocational College of Creative Arts in the Netherlands.

Lea is completing professional training as an International Creative Business Developer (ICBD). This study focuses more on product design in 2D and 3D. But there she get also marketing. ICBD is also in english. Nova has chosen the field of Media Design, specializing in interactive graphic design.

Both have great interest in photography and illustrations.

In their Internship at Seria, they will especially work on web design tasks, design templates, branding and participate in projects for clients.

Nils Misvær, general manager of Seria AS, says that there has been a multi-year collaboration with the Dutch university Cibap and a total of 5 students have worked at Seria for the past 3 years. It has been educational for the students. And also for us in Seria it has been educational and a great inspiration in our working day.

Cibap Vocational College for Creative Arts is a leading higher education college, where talented students are educated for future resources in the creative industry.

The school Cibap in the city of Zwolle is the most recognized in its field in the country, and sends the students out for three practice periods during the education.

Abroad stay with work experience and nature experiences

Both students have great interest in gaining foreign experience in the program. The school supports them in this experience and it is an important part of the study. Lea says that she was also recommended to apply to Seria by a former student who had been with Seria. Lea is also interests in football, skiing and snowboarding.

Open to work in Norway in the future

Nova is fascinated by Norway and the opportunity to experience nature, mountain walks and active outdoor activities with skiing. She has not worked or studied abroad before and looks forward to such an experience in a different country.

I see it as an exciting opportunity to, perhaps in the future, be able to establish myself here to live and work in Norway, says Nova.


Prefer Linkedin and Instagram

Nova and Lea have an active relationship with social media and express the same dissatisfaction with Facebook that Norwegian young people have shown. They prefer LinkedIn and Instagram rather than Facebook. They both agree that you can’t trust Facebook when it comes to privacy and exploitation of personal information. Their fellow students are most active on Linkedin and Instagram, says Nova. In addition, WhatsApp has great popularity.

– Recruiting young digital talents is a huge challenge in our industry. Seria has a big focus on this. In many ways, Norway is a little behind the rest of the world when it comes to this type of education. When this is an opportunity to build up this competence internally, just grab it,


There are also too few women in a relatively male-dominated developer environment, he says.


We are convinced that both the students and our staff will develop through our cooperation, concludes Nils Misvær.


Tidligere internasjonale studenter hos Seria

Takk for nå, Anne!

Anne har vært i Bodø i snart fire måneder, og hennes internship hos oss er over. Nå vender hun tilbake til Nederland, med noen innholdsrike måneder og fine minner med i bagasjen.

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Portrettbilde av Anne de Ridder

Si hei til vår nye intern!

Våren 2018 ble Seria godkjent lærebedrift for nederlandske læreinstitusjoner, og siden har vi hatt flere flinke studenter hos oss. Anne de Ridder er den syvende i rekken, og skal være her i tre måneder.

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Koo Hendriksen

Koo Hendriksen is completing a four-year school education at Cibap vocational school for design and imagination, in the Netherlands. She now has the design practice at Seria through an internship agreement with Cibap.

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