Koo Hendriksen

Koo Hendriksen is completing a four-year school education at Cibap vocational school for design and imagination, in the Netherlands. She now has the design practice at Seria through an internship agreement with Cibap.

Koo Hendriksen is completing a four-year school education at Cibap vocational school for design and imagination, in the Netherlands. She now has the design practice at Seria through an internship agreement with Cibap. Koo mentions that she is open to new opportunities. She therefore applied to Seria in bodø, due to following recommendation from earlier internship students at Seria.

Loves the nature in Norway

I am very adventurous and love nature and animals. My passion is to please other people with a creative mindset, design, develop creative ideas, get to know people, be positive about life, photography and drawing. I also really like some alone time, so I can use my imagination the most. I think it’s good to have some moments to yourself, especially during this time with Covid-19, where social opportunities are more limited.

I fortunately was already used to work digitally, before I came here and was prepared for the fact that there could be some periods of home office. To know that the Covid-19 situation is more hectic in the Netherlands is a consolation.

I have been able to experience the nature in Bodø for the first few months with a bike I got to borrow from Seria. Now that society is more open again, I look forward doing more with my colleagues of Seria. I get to go to Lofoten and have other activities planned together. We have had our first restaurant visit in a long time; she says.

Handles digital home office well

Nils misvær, general manager of Seria calls it admirable how well Koo has coped with the lockdown period. She has worked systematically and well on a digital platform. It started with quarantine and everything that follows, when she first got here. We received good help from StudentINord and their quarantine hotel offers. We had some time together at the office, before it was shut down to home office and digital life.

Seria looks forward to being able to take her on trips in and around Bodø, so she can experience a little more of the nature and all that Bodø has to offer. She works most on Seria’s design assignments and some work for social media.

Among other things, she edited concert recordings and the video of Con Brio, a choir, that sang last November in Bodø Cathedral. She also created a Youtube channel for Con Brio. The choir is an old customer of Seria. Thus, she is of course invited to a soecial experience, namely, to listen to Con Brio’s concert in June. It is not coincidental, because I myself am in the choir, says Nils Misvær.

Koo is completing her education at Cibap, which Seria has collaborated with since 2017. It is a four-year vocational school, unlike Norwegian two-year upper secondary school with two years of apprenticeship.

International Creative Business Developer

I am currently following the second semester of the study International Creative Business Developer. It is a level 5 study of MBO (upper secondary vocational education), which can be seen as an HBO study (higher vocational education), she says. I already have some skills- like photography, drawing, designing, sharing my creative ideas, working with Adobe applications and working with the help of my computer. Both in the digital everyday life and in meetings with colleagues, I emphasize making people smile, try to inspire others, look for new details and having an open mind.

My goal in traveling abroad at a young age is that I still have many things to learn about life. I want to know more about design, becoming more skilled at creating digital designs and websites, practice more English and learn more about the Norwegian culture.

Seria “cool with a creative mindset”

I experience Seria as an exciting company to work at. The colleagues in Seria are perceived as enthusiastic, committed and strongly motivated to inpire each other and help customers.

Even though I am 19 years old, I look forward to work with Seria’s colleagues of all ages, who I would describe as ‘cool with a creative mindset’.

Koo is now creating a website where she presents all her, and previous students, experiences of the internship period, which can be used to inform future new applicants for an internship at Seria, Nils Misvær concludes.

Tidligere internasjonale studenter hos Seria

Takk for nå, Anne!

Anne har vært i Bodø i snart fire måneder, og hennes internship hos oss er over. Nå vender hun tilbake til Nederland, med noen innholdsrike måneder og fine minner med i bagasjen.

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